Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wants (And The Lack of Motivation to Do/Get Them)

Spurts of envy makes me write blog post. I'm not a regular blogger, hell even an occasional one. Reading other amazing people's blogs inspires me. The problem is it lasts for about a millisecond. I tend to get tired (read: lazy) after I make a concrete plan on what I want to write about. After the thought process, if I'm not too drained, I end up writing about, well, things like this. I am in denial that these are just excuses. My English high school professor once told me I just needed a little polish and maybe, maybe I could be a good writer. That person is nowhere to be found.

I want to write a book review, write a movie review, write a proper blog post. I want to read more books and watch more movies. I want to go on a diet. I want to start my own paper crafts business. I want to take more photographs and make prints out of them. I want to be a better hobbyist. I want to achieve awesomeness. And it's sad that all of these don't relate to what I am doing right now. Eh.

Why is laziness taking over my life?

- I notice my excessive (and sometimes incorrect) use of the Oxford Comma.
- My posts needs proof-reading.
- I need to act on what I really want to do.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Project 52: Weather, Pfft

We're having yet another sleep-inducing weather this week.  It's always like this here in Legazpi. I dread the rain because of the feeling it gives off. I hate the sun during high noons because it makes me sweat like a pig running on a treadmill. Last month's weather was spectacular. A bit hot, but the breeze feels cool and the clouds perfectly cover the sky. Plus, I could whip off winter-y clothes (let's pretend I have real ones) any time of the day. Now, it's either rainy or hot, and I hate it. But I'd go with sunny over rainy any time. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Product of Laziness (Or Lack Thereof)

So hello. If you thought I forgot about this little corner, no, I haven't. Things have been happening and it made me too tired (or lazy) to write. I do get spurts of adrenaline and inspiration when I read other people's blogs, but with my too short attention span, anything can get in the way. A mind reboot is needed. My head must be filled with all kinds of thought-bugs that slowly eat away whats left of my creativity and eagerness to write. I mean, why do I find it so hard to write about what's been happening to my life, when it's the easiest topic there is. I was  doing pretty good during the start of the year with all these personal resolutions and shiznazz. My training must be draining all my energy.

It's fairly obvious that I haven't updated my Project 52 for the past three (?) weeks. Fear not, I have the pictures stored in Cosmo's memory card. My only problem is the content that has to go along with it. If my memory fails me, then a cluster of Project 52 posts, including week 10, might just present itself to you on Thursday, my off-day for the week. It's starting to become an obligation instead of a motivation to write and to keep on doing what I want. Well, hello there near-quitter. And here are the other things that are raping my life right now.

Frak you February. I hate what your month-ender. What happened came a surprise, considering that I was just about to enjoy the company of other people I was working with. You also made me quite sick than I've ever been. I've had bouts of hyperacidity, flu and fever during your second-half. March, dear, please make up for all the crapfest February put me through.

Well, I figured this would be a short post. Just thought on updating you why I am not around much these days. The best place to look for me is the PC Forums, and my e-mail.