Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Living alone isn't so very happy.

Yeah I can get to do anything I want to. Kids think that being home alone is so cool, well I don't. I hate the silence. I love it when the timing is appropriate. I am a person who loves to have somebody around her, a person or two. I just hate doing household chores because I'm doing it all for myself. I am proud that I'm able to do things independently now like I'm running this household all by myself but the fact that this house is so empty, makes me sad.

My mom left again for her work. My uncle has a different world now with his girlfriend. My special someone went to a far away place. They all left me alone. It's a good yet depressing thing.

I'm just used to having so many people around me; my mom making meals, going home every after work hours; my uncle watching the television; and him texting me every waking day, fighting with me, joking around, talking for hours;

It's a new thing being alone. I guess I just have to live with it.

..and I promise myself to never live alone when I get old.


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