Friday, September 23, 2011

No0b Watches a Football Game

I was so stoked to hear about ICanServe Foundation's Football Invitational. Three teams are up for a friendly match: Kaya FC, Global FC and the national team, PHL Azkals. Upon reading the news posted on my Facebook wall, I itched to get tickets to at least one of the matches. I'm a new football fan and I was ecstatic to watch a game on the newly renovated Rizal Stadium football pitch. I was eyeing on the Kaya FC vs Azkals Sept. 24 tickets but they weren't sold in advance. I was able to get my hands on the tickets for the Global FC vs Azkals match which happened last Wednesday.

I dragged my uncle and my sister with me to watch the game. We knew little about the game - well, my uncle played for a school team when he was in elementary, but that was decades ago - and watching the match was a little Football 101 class for us. The Azkals mostly had U23 category players on the pitch with well-known veterans like Caligdong, Gener and Araneta. I was a bit bummed out that the team captain, Aly Borromeo wasn't playing. He apparently had a minor injury during practice. He was the one I was looking forward most to see on the pitch. Global FC's Misagh Bahadoran was such an eye-catcher. Dude has mad skills. I've already watched a few matches on TV and I think I would be able to say that this match was a great one. It was a friendly game, but man, the teams played with so much gusto and aggressiveness. I wished all local games were like these. The game ended with Azkals winning with a score of 3-2.

Saying that I was the happiest kid that day was an understatement. I had a smile plastered on my face the whole night, reminiscent of the day I met 2/28 of the team. People were allowed to go down to the track to meet the players. I got few pictures with my favorites. I also felt stupid for not bringing a shirt for them to sign.

Cap'n Aly wasn't able to play due to a minor injury, but he was there to watch the game!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mina and Everyone's Ruined Vacation (aka The Trip to the North)


The main reason why I rushed back to Manila was because of the long weekend and pre-birthday plans my family had. Despite of the few unfinished business I left back at Legazpi, which I don't want to think about right now, I set my flight the day before the start of the long weekend. I was ecstatic because (1) I was stuck in a routine schedule back at the province for almost a year and (2) a break from all the maturity issues is what I really needed. My grandparents were a little worried about my flight - they always are. That time though, a storm is currently wrecking havoc in the north part of the country, and you can imagine what the reactions of extremely worried grandparents are. It was ridiculous and cute at the same time since we live in the south, but they always say, "You'll never know".

Mina was the name of the storm and she ruined everyone's long weekend. People were looking forward to the much needed rest and family time they have planned since the announcement. We were one of the hopeful ones, waiting for the sun to at least peek out. He never did. What the heck, we still headed for Baguio. It was rainy and gloomy and foggy and wet and extremely cold.

We stayed at this transient condo-house that was pretty decent (and a colorful one too). We weren't able to do much on the first day since the rain and fog terrorized the place. I sat all day at the living room and played Pottermore. Like any other day, I know. Around 5pm the power went out and voila! instant candle light dinner! Breakfast for dinner, my mother's terrific idea. We went to the mall earlier for lunch and to do some grocery shopping, so we had food with us. It was freezing cold so my mom, sister and I pulled the bed together and huddled in a tight cuddling group. Teehee!

We were all bored. Forgive us. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Long weekend post coming soon.

I'm working on my mom's Mac right now and it doesn't have Photoshop. Since I'm not a Mac person, I don't know how to install the program properly (*wink*wink) without the help of my uncle. I keep on forgetting to ask him. So, my photos have to wait for a while before you can see them. The set does need a bit of editing since I stupidly set the color mode to Soft and forgot to lower down the ISO from 1600. It made everyone look pale. 

I finally have something to post under the "Adventures" / "Travel" tag.