Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pauline's Christmas Wishlist

It's that time of the year again where you cry because you didn't get the things on your treasured wishlist. Hehe. Why so mean? Because I can be mean and I look like The Grinch when I wince. I'm mean (sometimes) but unlike the Grinch, I love Christmas. It's the only time where family and friends forget their differences, and hidden dislike for each other (gladly, we don't have those feelings). Good people around you and food you get to eat only during the holidays. Diet? What diet?

The last time I posted a Christmas wishlist was when I was still using Diary-X as my blog host. I never posted another one after that. I figured it wouldn't come true anyway. And at that time, I didn't consider listing things that are attainable and affordable. I'll do it right this time.

The list! The list!

1. Owl Jewelry
 I do not care if I will be called as the Owl lady. C'mon, how can you not like these things? I'm not an avid fan of jewelry. My mom once asked me why I can't appreciate beautiful things such as diamonds, pearls and gold necklaces. My answer: Because they make my skin itch. But because we are taking about these magical owls as part of my outfit, as far as I know, I love jewelry.

2. Postcard Sets
Postcrossing has played a big part in my life as a bum. So far I've received 17 postcards from 11 countries and I want more! It's addicting, I tell ya. The idea is pure genius. I'm slowly easing into trading postcards and tags in the forum. Our local postcard designs here are redundant and you can't find much variety in them. It would be nice to see something new among my slowly growing collection. DC Comics and book covers? They scream my name.

3. Mobile Scanner
I've been asking my mom for a baby Shih Tzu eversince I saw those cute ones in Tiendesitas. Since I moved to the province and my grandparents have experience with these kind of dogs, I thought finally getting a dog would be a good idea. I've pondered on how much attention this breed needs and frankly, I think I won't have enough time to tend to their needs. Yes, my grandparents would occasionally take over but I'm still responsible for that future dog.

This is what I asked for instead. Main reason of wanting this is for scanning the postcards I received. Ridiculous. But I know this hobby would be a permanent one and a scanner could really help. Another use for this is for authorization letters. I left some important things in Manila and I can't just fly there and take care of it.
I ask my sister to do them for me. Haha.

I will probably get a regular scanner.

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Brownout Debacle

I luckily didn't break my left leg.

It's times like these, when you look back and say, "Oh hello there stupidity. You came at a very bad time."

It was Tuesday night. I was reading Big Bang Theory fanfiction, when the lights turned off. No, this is not the climax yet. My uncle came out with battery powered neon lights and set them up with the chandelier. It was bright again. This house has a long history of ghosts, white ladies and magical creatures. Of course I was scared to go down in my room alone. So, I chatted for a while with my grandmother at the sala and repeatedly told her that I was scared. I was half expecting her to tell me she'll come with me but she yawned, signalling me that she's going to sleep. I was left at the sala, so I had no other choice but to go down and lock myself up in my little box. Armed with candles and stupidity, I warily came down the stairs. I was so close to getting off the stairs safely. Long story short: I missed the third step and landed with my left leg first. Considering my weight and the force of impact, I am thankful all I got was a sprained ankle.

I need to walk by the 15th. Guh.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life So Far, Etc.

I like to pretend I've been doing the world some good while I was away from this webplace. The truth is I've been polluting the couch of my grandparent's house and leeching off their food. Couchsurfing, I think, is the term. Not using it exactly in the right context, but I think you get what I mean. I'm currently in the province, seeking for greener pastures. Pun not intended.

I've been waiting for this text from a Nursing Supervisor in one of the hospitals here. The waiting is killing me. It's something I actually want to happen. Experience from a regional hospital is an impressive addition to my dead resume. I do have plans on working in other countries for the sole purpose of earning money for books, postcards, stamps, and more books. Selfish. When this week started, I promised myself I would go through my review exams to prepare for the hospital assessment exam. If I've stayed true to that promise, I wouldn't be working on this right now.

I'm keeping a written journal as of now. With too much time on my hands, I was able to put into mind to write about my boring adventures, inside the house of course. Do you want to know my very enjoyable routine?
  • 6:30 AM: I wake up automatically. The province has this effect on people. It makes them wake up early. Living beside a main road might be the main contributing factor to that effect, at least for me.
  • 8:00 AM: After breakfast, my daily internet rounds happen. Check Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, Facebook and then spend time in the Postcrossing Forum for no reason at all. If I get bored, I play The Sims. Then I would get fidgety and check the forum and my e-mail alternately for the rest of the morning.
  • 11:45 AM: Lunch
  • 1:30 PM: Resume activities
  • 6:00 PM: Dinner
  • 7:00 PM onwards: Resume checking the forum and my e-mail until I feel sleepy. 
What an exciting life! Are you jealous of my free time and unemployed state? I get to waste time and focus on getting fat while you work your ass off in that merciless workplace. 

Honestly, I feel bad for the state I am in right now.