Monday, September 21, 2009

Do you remember, dancing in September?

I will never make ridiculous plans ever again. See, I get disappointed whenever I'm not able to comply with my life plans. I'll try to be spontaneous when the need "to-be" arises.

Today had one of the most scorching hot afternoons, I woke up from my siesta with beads of sweat dripping down my chest and forehead. It might sound like I look like a pornstar, but trust me it's far from that. I couldn't use the lone AC unit in the house because my mom was sleeping in that room. I wanted to chill, she wanted to sleep.

95 days before Christmas. That's the 5th or 6th time I used that line today. It's a new photo-project, more in the lines of Project 365 (which I attempted to do, but failed miserably). It's also a "renewing myself" plan. I realized I was getting unhealthy in all human aspects, so I had to change.

Yay! I didn't eat rice today, but I did eat motherloads of carbs. From baked potato topped with corned beef, bacon bits and cheese to cheetos and a burger. Um excuse me miss, are you on a diet?


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