Monday, September 12, 2011

Mina and Everyone's Ruined Vacation (aka The Trip to the North)


The main reason why I rushed back to Manila was because of the long weekend and pre-birthday plans my family had. Despite of the few unfinished business I left back at Legazpi, which I don't want to think about right now, I set my flight the day before the start of the long weekend. I was ecstatic because (1) I was stuck in a routine schedule back at the province for almost a year and (2) a break from all the maturity issues is what I really needed. My grandparents were a little worried about my flight - they always are. That time though, a storm is currently wrecking havoc in the north part of the country, and you can imagine what the reactions of extremely worried grandparents are. It was ridiculous and cute at the same time since we live in the south, but they always say, "You'll never know".

Mina was the name of the storm and she ruined everyone's long weekend. People were looking forward to the much needed rest and family time they have planned since the announcement. We were one of the hopeful ones, waiting for the sun to at least peek out. He never did. What the heck, we still headed for Baguio. It was rainy and gloomy and foggy and wet and extremely cold.

We stayed at this transient condo-house that was pretty decent (and a colorful one too). We weren't able to do much on the first day since the rain and fog terrorized the place. I sat all day at the living room and played Pottermore. Like any other day, I know. Around 5pm the power went out and voila! instant candle light dinner! Breakfast for dinner, my mother's terrific idea. We went to the mall earlier for lunch and to do some grocery shopping, so we had food with us. It was freezing cold so my mom, sister and I pulled the bed together and huddled in a tight cuddling group. Teehee!

We were all bored. Forgive us. 

The 2nd day was more interesting. The rain stopped for a while so Camp John Hay looked really spooky, yet still so lovely. We had a scrumptious breakfast buffet at The Manor and man, all I can think of was the bacon. The food was lovely, though I wished I ate properly and didn't dive on the bacon all at once.

It was Sunday so we had to go to church. Some crazy fog storm was happening and it was scary! You couldn't tell if it was raining or if it was the mist coming with the fog. The whole thing was better than that Palace in The Sky place.

The last thing we did in Baguio? Of course, ukay shopping! For those who are not familiar with the term, Ukay-ukay is a term used for thrift stores that usually sell 2nd hand items. It's one of the main reasons why we went to Baguio anyway.

My uncle is not amused. Haha. 

The best thing about ukay shopping is finding a huge amount of interesting things lying around. Like the toys above. Missing a McDonald's toy from your collection? You could find it there in the rows and rows of assorted toys. I found a wooden set of pick-up sticks in a wooden box and some Halloween themed pins.

So there! Our ultra lazy stay at Baguio. I'm working on a part 2 post right now. It contains mostly our pictures in La Union. Look out for that!


  1. Sounds like fun. The spondge bob picture side tracked me. This is asma from blog spot.

  2. @Somebody Hey Asma! :) It was actually a bit boring but the shopping part was fun. Haha. Patrick just so happens to be in the rows of toys that was displayed there.