Monday, November 7, 2011

Life so far: tvN 360

I blame our cable provider for this current wave of obsession. I'm pretty sure I'll rid of this after a few months or so, but I'm in a very deep situation right now. I caught the KPop bug and I can't get out of the trap. The trap had many beautiful androgynous Korean men and I can't help but test out if it really worked. Hell, it does, and it won't let go of you.

I was once a Kpop crazy girl when I was 16. I was once a fan of F4 (a thing which I purely regret up to now. If only I could refund the CDs I bought.) and Wang Lee Hom, and thought of trying out Korean artists. I started with Rain and BoA and eventually got on to Se7en, Shinhwa, TVXQ, etc. The whole thing didn't last since I was too busy being "mature" while starting college. Also, I didn't know how to tag the songs (particularly TVXQ, they have so many names). Man, I can't read Hanggul. Thank God it didn't escalate into stage F4-crazy. Clazziquai was the only one I kept listening to, 'cause they actually sound great and are not embarassing to listen to. People here haven't caught the Hallyu wave yet so it's I hopped on to Alternative then the Indie scene and never looked back... or so I thought.

As you know, I'm on a profession hiatus (I just made it sound pretty) and I've been doing stuff bored people are supposed to do, which is to frolick around the interwebs. I was in Manila for a while, and because of the mind-blowing connection speed there, I was able to spend my whole day watching senseless videos on Youtube. I re-watched GD & T.O.P's Knock Out MV, which I thought was really cool. Dude, these guys had the right swagger and were the free napeun namja's (bad guys) of the KPop scene. I developed a crush for T.O.P and it led on from there.

I got sidetracked and thought of checking out TVXQ's Why (Keep Your Head Down) MV, a song which I've been secretly listening to since the start of the year. Curious as to what their new materials sound like, I tried out their recent album and TONE. I liked it a lot.

These past 2 months have been annoying for my sister. I've started listening to a lot of KPop music and she's also at the receiving end of this. I've turned her into a GD & T.O.P. fan after a few repeats of their album. "Knock Out" eventually became our jam. She was even singing along to "High High" proudly during our flight to Legazpi, not minding our seat neighbor. She doesn't approve of my support for Tohoshinki and forever questions my short attention span.

Don't think I only like these guys for their looks. If you look past the exterior, these people are amazing performers. They show where hard work can lead to. Reading about their training and what they went through, you at least have to show them respect. The genre might be a bit formulaic and sometimes really cheesy, but it works... at least for me.

I've admitted very embarassing things in this post. Things I've never thought of writing about. Things I've promised to keep hidden in a place where a fangirl resides whose favorite hobby is to squee. My is now tainted with a lot of Hanggul characters and Hallyu wave artists. Bon Iver might not like the ambiance there now, but I don't care. I've liked a music genre when a few months ago, I vowed to never get into it. I hated seeing these people dominating music channels. And now I scream along fangirls. One thing I promise though, is to never be a crazy stalker one.

I like having a short-attention span (though sometimes expensive).


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