Saturday, December 17, 2011


(Sorry for bombarding you with past events, etc. We need to catch up, blog.)

I turned 21 last September 2. The things is, I don't feel any older. 

The main reason why I decided to pack up right away and leave some unfinished business in Legazpi was because I wanted to celebrate my birthday in Manila, with the people I love. Being stuck in Legazpi for more than 6 months made me miss all the luxuries I had when I still resided in the Metro. Also, eating out without worrying about the expenses is something I always looked forward to.

We decided to go to Rockwell to have my mini-birthday dinner. Everyone was craving for steak so I had to succumb even though I badly wanted to eat sushi. My uncle led us to Pepper Lunch, the first steak restaurant we saw. It seemed like a good idea to stay and just eat since I was starting to be grumpy. Hungy Pauline is not to be messed with. Something sparked inside me upon seeing the Japanese characters on the sign, I didn't expect too much though. The restaurant was partly Japanese, so I settled with that. Silly liason, I know. 

We arrived there around 6pm, dinner time and man, costumers were starting to pile up. Good thing the line didn't take too long. I got myself the Pepper Steak and they got the Rib Eye Steak, Beef Pepper Rice and Chicken Pepper Rice. It wasn't really "fast food" unlike what other people said. It took them long enough for us to be too grumpy by the time they pulled it out from the kitchen. It was rush hour, what did we expect?

Mom was looking grumpy. She always looks grumpy.

My sister loved the lighting, that she wants to take advantage of it in every possible way.
Tito was so excited for the food, it was funny.
It's heeeeeeeeeere!

When the dishes came out, they looked so scrumptious! But when I looked back to that particular moment, my grumbling stomach fooled me so bad. Anyway, we didn't know what to do with them so we thought of reading the instructions first. Little did we know, we were already losing ample heat for the meat to cook properly. 

There were assorted condiments in each table. My memory's a bit hazy but I remember a Garlic sauce and a honey-like one. I just mixed them up until I came up with something palatable. Sorry, I didn't know what to do! 

Now on to the relevant-but-irrelevant-no1currr-opinion portion!

A few things.The meal was okay and there was nothing to spazz about. You really can't control the way the meat is cooked, since the heat you get from the plate is limited. *facepalm* Duh-oh, sizzling plates. Our meat came out almost rare by the time it was "cooked". Plus, us not mixing the meal altogether right away contributed to that. I liked the distinct taste of the pepper though, it was a big plus. It was funny how my uncle's happy-excited face turned into a scowl after the meal. I took small portions of meat from each dish our family ordered. The only one that I liked was my sister's Beef Pepper Rice.

Excuse my table manners. My herpderp satisfied face is fooling you
What made up for the okay dinner was my family bringing me to their favorite gelateria, Cara Mia located somewhere in Tomas Morato. They've been boasting about this awesome pistachio gelato they found while eating at Amici since March. It's about time I got to taste it! 

Best pistachio gelato ever. Period.



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