Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not busy, not at all.

The reason why I drag myself to write blog entries now is that I want to feel like I'm doing something. It's been a while. I am sincerely writing this because I feel like it and not because I feel it's an obligation to update this. Since I have so much spare time in my hands, this could be a part of a daily or a weekly routine. Oh, yes, not really.

When I was trying to get rid of school-related objects in my room, I found this brown recycled notebook I used to write on when I was an angst-ridden, lovestruck teenager. It wasn't that long ago, I still even remember forcing myself to finish a little essay about Koreanovelas. Hah! Of all the things to write about in this universe, I thought of that. Anyway, the notebook contained this part I intended on filling with essays about love teams and individuals that were interesting to me. I noticed I was very fond of Simon Cowell, Daniel and Emma, Lovers in Paris, Clay and Kelly (without acknowledging the fact that Clay could be gay), and the classic Harry/Hermione. Well there are far more people in there, but I couldn't mention them without embarrassing myself. As corny and weird as it may seem, I actually enjoyed it during that time. It's a proof that I was once an irrational fangirl that overlooked the facts and believed what I wanted to believe in. I wanted to whack myself in the head with the notebook and bury it where no living soul could find it. But I'll treasure it, it also serves as a reminder that I once aspired to be a writer and that in one point in my life I almost filled a notebook with random babbling.

Ah hell, up to now, looking at my recent posts, I still sound like a 12 year old girl with a sparkly blog. Some things never change.


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