Saturday, July 10, 2010

The wormhole spitted me out.

Hey. Hi.

God knows how long I've been gone, eh, about 7 months. Oh look at that! I've been having these urges, you know; plans, I sometimes call them. It's an on and off thing. There are times when you badly want to blog because you want to, but then again you don't get to do it because it's exhausting. Exhausting because I'll mix it with my studying for the storm that is the NLE.

So, yes, many things have happened in the 7 months that I've been on hiatus. Graduation, board exam, and now me being a colossal bum. Anyway, this blog only served as a Plan B when I feel like putting my hands into work when my mouth can't express how shitty or great my day is. It's also the other option when my thoughts are too long or too personal to be put in tumblr. Hehe.

Hey there! I'm a new graduate. Well, it's been 3 months now. And as much as I want to catch up with all the things I missed while I was reviewing, I really want to work now. The bad thing is, as of now, I don't want any work relating to the medical field. Oh, what the hell am I saying? I'll probably take this back when I start working. I'll start missing on the things that I want to do or watch or read. Honestly, I don't have a clear career path. Hell, I don't even have a plan. What will I do with my life? I'd like to think I'm still in the "Denial" stage of "Oh hey, I'm a kid fresh off college and now what?"stages.

As of now, I'm a bum. Alagang baboy as my mom would like to call me. Like I'm hibernating for the winter. Maybe it's the hidden anxiety from wondering if I passed the board exam (I still have to wait for 2 mos before the results are released) or maybe it's just extreme boredom and the thought that I still want to do so much but I don't know how to.

The "eat, sleep, series marathon, fic reading" routine could suffice for the time being.


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