Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 52: I Would Kill to Have Time for Sleep


I've been doing half-assed works lately. Even this 6th week's picture is taken randomly. I'm aware that it's not a healthy thing to do, but there's a whole reason behind this half-assed-ness. In my 30 days as a trainee, I've come across all kinds of sleeping and metabolic troubles. I found out I have a nasty hyper-acidity that attacks at the most unconventional of hours. I don't know if I should eat (because I'm hungry) or not eat (because I feel bloated). Meh, too much for being in this profession. I hate sleeping during the day. My body is used to being asleep during the night and being up during the day. You get what I mean. It has been that way for 20 years now. I'm having difficulties adjusting to these random shifts.

I'm smacking myself in the head for these short posts. I feel I have so much to say about what's happening to my life right now, but this inborn laziness is such a drag. I can't figure out how to write the events that are changing my routines and taking away my circadian rhythm from me. Short attention span is what I have. Maybe that's why I write like this. I ask myself how do all these bloggers elaborate their lives in these long-ass posts while I'm sitting still trying to contemplate on how to tell you more about me. 

I'm learning. That's the important thing now. I'm learning and I'm meeting new kinds of people and I'm figuring out how to fit in my new life here. All is well. 

I'm writing this just for the sake of posting something. Isn't that sad?


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