Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 52: The Grown-up Theorem


My good friend Yvette and I routinely indulge in conversing about our adult lives. Though we don't have much time to be random with each other, we still find time to fit our conversations into 140 character replies, thanks to Twitter. I'm 9 months out off college. I have an on-going training. I live in the province, in which the pros outweighs the cons (the only con I could think of is being not able to go to malls and get fat with greasy food). And I am quite satisfied with the life I'm having right now.

We still can't believe the fact we are adults now.

I know I have stubby toes and ugly feet. I had the sudden courage to show them up-close to the judgmental people of the intarwebz. Haters gonna hate.

Books in the picture: In The Floyd Archives: A Psycho-Bestiary by Sarah Boxer and Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Sheffield which are incidentally the books I finished reading this week. 


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