Thursday, August 4, 2011

Making Things

In today's edition of What Have You Done Today?, I will talk about how my first try in making a guacamole dip failed and how this new layout came about. Dun dun dun...

I tweeted a few weeks ago about our abundance of Avocados at home. My lola came home from the market one day with bags of Avocados. She says she's craving for an Avocado-Banana salad. A few days after, our Avocado tree in our backyard garden finally started bearing fruits. So there. I'm sick of eating the salad over and over again. Though the salad is scrumptious, I can't help but think what are the other things you could make with Avocados. I thought of one thing: Guacamole dip.

I've always wanted to know what a Guacamole dip taste like. I saw one episode of 90210 during one boring afternoon. The barkada went to Mexico for spring break and this chick, Silver, gorged on her nachos and guacamole dip while making sex sounds. Was it that good? (Yes, I know she was doing the sounds on purpose). Haha. Forever the curious kid, I googled a decent recipe and stumbled upon this one from SimplyRecipes. Without knowing what it tastes like, I searched through our kitchen for the ingredients and started to do the dip business.

It tasted like salsa. The Avocado kind of acted as the tomato sauce and it's distinct flavor didn't really stand out. Haha. I didn't follow the right proportions anyway. I also improvised almost half of the ingredients. I squeezed about 3 medium-sized Calamansi into the mixture and put too much tomatoes and onions. I also didn't have proper nacho chips.

This is the second time I've done this. Last year, I tried making Ddukbokki and it tasted like crap. I also didn't know what the Korean dish actually tastes like so I can't compare it with anything. Even if I had something for comparison, I'm pretty sure the one I cooked will still taste like crap. I assumed Dduk (rice cake) is like a palitaw, so I tried making my own Dduk. It was gross.

You might have noticed the new layout...
It's pretty decent isn't it? I'm proud of this one. Ha! I was so stubborn in not succumbing to change. I used to hate the upgraded Blogger templates and thought that the customization you can do is quite limited. I also refused to learn new codes, so I stuck with my elementary HTML and CSS skillz. I came out with a blah layout. So much for minimalism. But this one, oh, this one is great.

The use of circles might be a bit of an overkill but what the hell. I also made a new and much detailed About page, so check that out.

Yay accomplishments!


  1. yummy. I am glad I found your blog as it seems mighty interesting. look forward to getting to know you.

    following... (eveyinorbit via swapbot)

  2. Your lucky to have a avocado tree! They're $2 a piece at the market. I make my guac with green onions, a yellow chili pepper, Haas avocados, salt and scoop out the inside of two plum tomatoes and smash it with fork to keep it chunky.

  3. @evey - Thank you so much for following! See you around. :)

    @Totem - They're that expensive there? Oooh, soon I'll make a proper guac, but I have to know what it really tastes like!