Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another One

So I'm given another chance to turn my life around and set it to the way it was before. Zero lovelife, more time for school, friends and other things that I didn't have time for when I was stupidly ogling at somebody who wasn't meant to be my prince. Eww, mushy stuff.

I hate having headaches after lovely afternoon naps. Instead of feeling refreshed, I woke up to a stiff neck and a bad headache. Time to resort to my lovely friend, Biogesic.

Uni starts tomorrow and I've never been happier. Okay that was a lie. I'm not in a cheery mood right now, more like morose, thanks to you break-up. But I felt a little tingle in my stomach when Wednesday was fast approaching. I'm loving it now but in a few weeks time, I'll hate Wednesdays more than ever.

I hope everything turns out awesome tomorrow. I miss my loony friends. *sigh*


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