Monday, June 15, 2009


So I made a new blog, and look it's shiny and new... and gray!

It's time for change I guess. I have a short attention span, I get tired of things easily. I'm starting to get sick of the name disorderjunkie, I dunno why, but I just have to get away from it for a while. Plus spammers are already invading my blog, spamming my chatbox with their nasty, crappy ads, as if I get 100000000000 hits per day.

So yeah, I decided it's time for change. I have yet to define this blog from many other blogs I have. I'm planning on making this the "ranting" blog, tumblr as the random artistic blogs (where I have my photoblog) and LJ as my fandom blog. Speaking of LJ, I made a new account again, but I forgot LJ has those gigantic ads that mess up your layout and the blog itself. So I got annoyed and made a new one here instead. I'm moving.

So yeah, this will be my official ranting blog from now on. Toodles.


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