Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pauline's Christmas Wishlist

It's that time of the year again where you cry because you didn't get the things on your treasured wishlist. Hehe. Why so mean? Because I can be mean and I look like The Grinch when I wince. I'm mean (sometimes) but unlike the Grinch, I love Christmas. It's the only time where family and friends forget their differences, and hidden dislike for each other (gladly, we don't have those feelings). Good people around you and food you get to eat only during the holidays. Diet? What diet?

The last time I posted a Christmas wishlist was when I was still using Diary-X as my blog host. I never posted another one after that. I figured it wouldn't come true anyway. And at that time, I didn't consider listing things that are attainable and affordable. I'll do it right this time.

The list! The list!

1. Owl Jewelry
 I do not care if I will be called as the Owl lady. C'mon, how can you not like these things? I'm not an avid fan of jewelry. My mom once asked me why I can't appreciate beautiful things such as diamonds, pearls and gold necklaces. My answer: Because they make my skin itch. But because we are taking about these magical owls as part of my outfit, as far as I know, I love jewelry.

2. Postcard Sets
Postcrossing has played a big part in my life as a bum. So far I've received 17 postcards from 11 countries and I want more! It's addicting, I tell ya. The idea is pure genius. I'm slowly easing into trading postcards and tags in the forum. Our local postcard designs here are redundant and you can't find much variety in them. It would be nice to see something new among my slowly growing collection. DC Comics and book covers? They scream my name.

3. Mobile Scanner
I've been asking my mom for a baby Shih Tzu eversince I saw those cute ones in Tiendesitas. Since I moved to the province and my grandparents have experience with these kind of dogs, I thought finally getting a dog would be a good idea. I've pondered on how much attention this breed needs and frankly, I think I won't have enough time to tend to their needs. Yes, my grandparents would occasionally take over but I'm still responsible for that future dog.

This is what I asked for instead. Main reason of wanting this is for scanning the postcards I received. Ridiculous. But I know this hobby would be a permanent one and a scanner could really help. Another use for this is for authorization letters. I left some important things in Manila and I can't just fly there and take care of it.
I ask my sister to do them for me. Haha.

I will probably get a regular scanner.

4. Books
These 8 books have been in my wishlist for quite some time now. This year, I've revived my love for reading novels, thanks to various tumblrfolks. I'm so proud of myself when I look at my read list. I'm a person who likes to detach herself from reality and plunge into the wonderful world of fiction. Social life? What social life? I'd rather read a book in a corner than go out every night and get drunk.

5. Sheldon Cooper and his T-shirts
Dear Santa, I'd like Sheldon Cooper for Christmas. Loljk, I kid, I kid.

I had a phase this year where I wanted to be a comic book collector because of Big Bang Theory. Then I figured, it would include a lot of hard work and determination. So I just fixated on knowing basic facts about superheroes. Sheldon's distressed The Flash t-shirt is just charming. I've been looking for that shirt all over the interwebs (even though I don't have enough funds to buy it).

This slot is not only for Sheldon and his quirky shirts, but for The Big Bang Theory in general. I think you've figured out by now how I much I love this show. It's pure geekiness is what attracted me at first. Jim Parsons then got me hooked. Season 4 has been a drag and I don't want to see this awesome show go to waste. So many elements are ruining this show slowly. Not to mention, the inconsistency of events and God, the awful Leonard/Penny relationship. It was okay at first, but then it seemed forced as the season progressed. I'm not saying that because I'm a Sheldon/Penny shipper. As much as I want S/P to happen, I'm contented with their banter and their developing friendship. At least they have chemistry.

6. Harry Potter Years 1-5 Limited Edition Gift Set
Suntok sa Buwan. I saw this and I peed my pants. God, I would be the happiest girl if I get my hands on this. Look at that beauty.

One of my long-term goals is to complete the Harry Potter movie DVDs. I'm sure they will come up with a box set like this long after the 2nd part of The Deathly Hallows is released. I hope it's exactly like this, but much better. Like a memorabilia or something. Hopefully, by that time, I have enough funds to actually buy it.

7. Films and Prints!
It's been months since I went to Digiprint to get my films scanned. I have 4 or 5 undeveloped films sitting at home. 2 of them are test rolls for cameras I recently acquired. I'm not too excited with the results. But man, I want to know if the cameras are clean and are functioning properly.

I never printed one of my pictures. It's always stored in memory cards and my hard drives. Some of them are gathering virtual dust (pretend that's true) and are waiting to be printed, put in a proper frame and be hanged in the wall.

8. iPod Touch 4
It was a wrong move to buy an iPod Touch 3 when I know an iPod Touch 4 was about to be released. Last September, I was already planning on selling my iPod (which was given to me by my Ninang a few months ago). I was set on looking for a buyer. When my uncle found out about my plan, he started telling me that I should be taking care of it instead and shouldn't be going around selling a gift. He was right.

My ninang is visiting the country with her family next year. Frak it, I'll give her this list. No, not really. I'll be dropping hints though.

9. Nikkor Lens 50mm f/1.8 & 35mm f/1.8
My mom is with me on this one. Not these two lenses, but she wanted to get me a better zoom lens. I bet she's thinking about my sister's graduation in advance.

I've read a lot of good reviews about these lenses. Some of my favorite non-professional photographers are using these and their shots are wonderful. Bokeh, the focus and the sharpness of their images are breathtaking.

Cosmo, my D40, has been ignored for quite a while now. I think it's time for him to get these new babies.

10. For things to be well in 2011
This year I graduated college, passed the Nursing Licensure Exam and got gifts I've never ever thought of receiving. I've been blessed so much this year, that I don't know where to start with the things that I'm thankful for this year list.

I hope 2011 will be the same. It's the proper year to be serious about things. To start living the adult life and take on massive responsibilities. I'd like to learn how to be purely independent and start helping my family with things, one is financial aid. I've got 6 months of training ahead of me, still unsure of my future. It sure will be a bumpy ride and needs a lot of getting used to. Sorry for throwing too much cliches at you.

Special Mention: MacBook Pro
It's a Special Mention because I'm sure nobody in my family would buy me something as expensive as this. I own a very jurassic laptop that runs on Windows XP and responds very slowly. I'm not complaining about my operating system. The performance is what's bothering me. This laptop has taught me how to be patient and how to keep my temper down. We've gone through a lot, this laptop of mine. But there will come a time when I'd want something better, like a MacBook Pro.

This is something I'd buy for myself. When I start earning money, I'll make an account solely for this (lol), to be named The MacBook Pro fund.

Dear God, I pray I win this contest over at Tumblr. A blog is giving away both an iPad and a MacBook Pro to 5 people. I hope I'm destined to be one of those 5. Love, Pauline  

There you go. A Christmas wishlist I've worked hard on.  A list to oggle at.

In all honesty, Christmas is my favorite holiday. Though as you get older, the lesser gifts you receive, it's the best time to spend with your family. But let's not forget the main reason we are celebrating Christmas, His birthday. This also serves as a time for you to take a moment and thank Him for all that's happened this year.

Happy Holidays!


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