Monday, December 13, 2010

The Brownout Debacle

I luckily didn't break my left leg.

It's times like these, when you look back and say, "Oh hello there stupidity. You came at a very bad time."

It was Tuesday night. I was reading Big Bang Theory fanfiction, when the lights turned off. No, this is not the climax yet. My uncle came out with battery powered neon lights and set them up with the chandelier. It was bright again. This house has a long history of ghosts, white ladies and magical creatures. Of course I was scared to go down in my room alone. So, I chatted for a while with my grandmother at the sala and repeatedly told her that I was scared. I was half expecting her to tell me she'll come with me but she yawned, signalling me that she's going to sleep. I was left at the sala, so I had no other choice but to go down and lock myself up in my little box. Armed with candles and stupidity, I warily came down the stairs. I was so close to getting off the stairs safely. Long story short: I missed the third step and landed with my left leg first. Considering my weight and the force of impact, I am thankful all I got was a sprained ankle.

I need to walk by the 15th. Guh.


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