Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 52: Correspondances


The end of January is here. This month has been great so far. Many things happened and I learned a lot of lessons as well, profession-wise. On the darker side of things, I also foresaw some conflicts that might arise next month. Let us not dwell on the negative matters. 

This week, it has all been about postcard, mail and parcels. I have many swaps and tags on queue since December and I've been waiting for them to arrive since the start of the month. Add to that the packages I was expecting from (which is a prize from the Postcrossing forum lottery) and Book Depository. I feel stupid whenever I look back at myself a few weeks ago. I was making rounds, walking about our compound, secretly waiting for the mailman to arrive. I was impatient, also disregarding the unfortunate truth that international mail arrives at least 2-3 weeks after. Things come, when you least expect it. True enough for me, our house was flooded with mail the next week. 

If you ask me how many postcards and letters I've sent this month alone, I'll answer you with I didn't keep count. But if you really want to know, it's an estimate of between 35-50, 3 of which are letters. It is becoming quite an addiction. My grandparents are making it a topic at any conversation they're in, and starts with "We don't know why Pauline is receiving these postcards, and mind you, they're from different countries...". Even our mailman is boggled at the amount of mail that's arriving for one person. He must be thinking, wow this kid should get a life. The short-haired woman at the post office knows my face and whips out the latest philatelic stamps they have on-hand when I knock on their window. How neat (but at the same time unbelievable) is that? I think they (people from the post office included) should've figured out by now that I'm a postcard-slash-stamp collector. 

And this Monday, I'm going to the post office to drop another batch of postcards bound to Czech Republic, USA, and Netherlands. 

If you are wondering what in the world was the "I also foresaw some conflicts that might arise next month" line in the introduction post was about, it's about my workplace and some things. I might be branded as that stupid girl from FEU. Somebody overheard others referring to me as that girl from FEU who did something stoopeed, which up to now I am still figuring out what it is. I didn't remember committing that something they blamed on me. A friend told me to watch my back.

Another thing was the mistake I did yesterday. I took out a fresh whole blood from the blood bank following what was written on the order. It turns out what they needed was a fresh whole blood component packed RBC. They transfused the whole thing anyway. But I'm pretty sure my mistake didn't pass through others

I'm worried since I'll still be having my training in the same area for the whole month of February. I already heard unpleasant stories from people and I can't help but get affected with the bad vibes that linger around the place. I have to be tougher. 


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