Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Project 52: Maturity


While my little cousin studies for her exam, this is the week where I prepare myself for my entrance into the uncanny world of responsibilities and social relations. What more to do than spend my remaining free time on repeatedly doing stuff I like. I will never have this much free time once I dive into the world of adults. 

I was Celine's tutor for the week with a measly pay of meriendas from her mom. I wrote on postcards while she answered her assignments. I am so glad I never chose Education as my area of profession. Don't take this the wrong way. I love kids and their jolly nature, but when they start being unruly, I want to make them stay in the corner forever. Kids are so hard to teach. Celine is exceptional when it comes to English and Christian Living. We start fighting when it's time for Math.

One thing that kept me busy was refreshing the Postcrossing Forum. It also bore a large hole on my pocket. As ridiculous as it may sound, I am turning into an obsessive postcard collector. It's like that time I got addicted to Pet Society, only now I'm spending actual money. Would you believe I sent over 30 cards these past two weeks? I also spent around 300 pesos on sending mail. An enjoyable hobby. But it gets quite expensive when you really start getting into it. The only problem now is that some of the people I've sent to already received their postcards, I only got one from a trade and an official Postcrossing postcard. PhilPost, where are my postcards?

For preparations for the training, I went shopping for some essentials. Two white shoes (which are uncomfortable), 3 lady boxer shorts (which are useless to me right now) and 5 socks. I considered it as a semi-retail therapy. This one felt much better because I was buying things that I actually needed.

I spent so much this week that I decided to make a spreadsheet for my daily expenses. My mom told me it will get old for me soon, that I would put it off as a tiring obligation everyday. It may happen, but I'm proud of myself for coming up with something like this. It's kid's play for others, but I'm serious with this one. See I'm presenting it to you with a straight face. I made a special "miscellaneous" section for my mails and stamps expenses. I had a feeling that this hobby will stick with me for quite a while, so that's that. I really feel ridiculous for doing this, but I think it will help me control my expenses. 

I wrote this today, so there might be some confusion with the tenses. I really should start posting at the end of every week. I thought of keeping up with the Wednesday posting schedule for this project. But I realized it would be hard to write the content for the week that has already passed. It feels funny. Hence, the short entry. 


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