Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 52: Vital Signs and Admissions


Pauline Yu is a Nurse in training. She is 20 years old and wishes to get rid of procrastination. She is currently cherishing her 2 days in a week offs and spend it by sleeping through the day...
Today marks my first week as a nurse in training. The experience has been great so far. Once you get to know the work, you can do things easily. The thing with the ward I am in right now is that it usually has patients with the same diagnosis, medications and nursing actions. It is quite lax. Admissions and many patients could make the ward toxic but it can be managed quite easily once the team is together. The people at the station are really great to work with and you could easily get along with some of them. I know I'm saying too much for the first week knowing that I will be assigned here until the end of February. Much more things to come.

I find it fulfilling when I do a lot during the 8 hour shift, especially the hands-on care. The usual things to do are to remove IV and IC lines. The rest are paper works i.e. charting. It's a bummer we're not allowed to give IV meds. I really should apply for that IVT Training once the dates are announced. The work could get really tiring once you're not prepared for what is to come. I fail on completing my intended 8 hour sleep (because I'm a tad obsessive compulsive) and as a result, I look like a zombie the rest of the day. Oh, and I couldn't get rid of the massive black circles around my eyes, hello Taylor Momsen.

The heat and smell inside the ward is quite repulsive. But what do you expect with public hospitals and the OB ward? Smell of flowers (no pun intended) and air-conditioned spaces? Sadly, no. The heat that radiates from the ward is intense. When I come in during the 7-3 shift, the change in air is very noticeable. I am happy to say I am immune to the smell and I am quite used to it. It's a good thing we were exposed to places like these when we were still students.


Other things that were relevant this week: Mail Friday, and my loss of self-control, yet again.

I've come up with the term Mail Friday for the weekly arrival of my mails. I always sulked while waiting for my mail during the week since I was expecting the mailman to drop off anything that arrives for me on the same day. It seems that he chose Friday as a suitable day to deliver me the accumulated assortment of letters, postcards and parcel notices. Just this Friday, I received a bunch of postcards and letters from my swaps and my friend Sarah. It is also the first time I received a parcel notice. It has a written note that says: "Pls. pay P40.00 at W#2". I wonder if it really is 40 pesos only. Please, let it be the one from aka The Postcrossing Forum 5th Anniversary Lottery Prize.

Saturday morning, I received an e-mail notice which tells me two of my official Postcrossing postcards have arrived. It is only natural that I immediately click on the Request for an address button on the Send a postcard page. Here comes my obsession with refreshing the forum. I lost a little of my self-control when I saw great offers from people. I contacted them and fortunately, they do not seem interested with my cards. Probably because of the quality and the postcard itself. The postcard collector inside me decided to make room for some swaps and tags since I'm making a run to the post office this Monday. I cannot bring myself to add up the money I spent on post alone. Gah.


Since it's my off day today, I will go to sleep now.   


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